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Four Signs a Kitchen Remodel is Imminent

If you love to cook then the kitchen is your domain, your home-within-a-home, where real magic happens. Yet all too often we notice little things that need improving, here and there, over the course of years, but fail to see the bigger picture: our favorite room is badly in need of an overhaul. There’s no need to panic, of course; for a superior kitchen remodel Fairfax VA residents and others in the area have a reliable, cost-friendly option to take their countertops and fixtures to the next level. Not sure if that’s you, though? Here are some signs a kitchen remodel effort is imminent in your future.

You Repeat the Phrase “I need a bigger kitchen” – Every Day

Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe you family has grown since you bought the house; maybe your expertise is what’s growing, and you’re finding that the countertop space and stove area are both holding you back when you want to attempt more complex recipes. If you find yourself muttering “I need a bigger kitchen” on a daily basis, then chances are good you’re right – you do. If you don’t actually find yourself spending that much time cooking or baking, then a remodel is obviously not your top priority. But if slicing, dicing, mincing and whisking are your bread and butter, consider how much easily that butter might spread on that bread if you had the extra elbow room.

Your Appliances are Older than Your Adult Children

There is something to be said for a worthy appliance that lasts decades. There is also something to be said for appliances and kitchen gadgets that you got before your children were born, items which you can’t seem to give up out of nostalgia. It’s been 20 years…your mother-in-law probably won’t be offended if you upgrade the oven she gave you crazy kids when you had just gotten married. If you find yourself having to make complex mental calibrations for cooking time and heat settings (e.g. “400 degrees really means 350, and 50 minutes actually means an hour”), you should also have the math skills to calculate how much new, energy-efficient appliances will save your electricity bill each month.

Everything Squeaks, Sticks or Skews

Squeaky hinges on your cabinet doors might be one of those signs that become so commonplace you don’t even recognize them after awhile. It will probably hit you all at once one day: your cabinet doors announce to the neighborhood that you’ve gone in for the baking powder, the lazy Susan doesn’t close all the way and the utensil drawer has to be jiggled for a solid 30 seconds before it will open. Time for cabinetry that doesn’t fight you.

You’re not Sure What the Original Color of Your Counter Was

Brown? Beige? White? Off-White? All of the above? Especially in families with children, the counter tops take some serious abuse, particularly where stains are involved. Over time you turn a blind eye to the coffee, wine and Kool-Aid dribbles, until that original shade finally eludes you. If this is your life, gather the company information you need and make the call that will remodel your kitchen and undisputedly enhance your life.